Diamond Infused Pre-Roll


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Available in BC

Apothecary Botanicals Diamond Infused Pre-Roll

12 Per Case Pack

Size :1.0 gram/0.5g

THC :400-500 mg/g

CBD : <0.1 mg/g

Digging deep within our R&D department, we are bringing back a limited release of our best in a new way. Apothecary Botanicals is rejuvenating the gems of our pristine harvests by infusing them in diamonds -THCato be more specific. Crafted from premium cultivars and coated in a high quality THCacrystals, OurmilledGelato Diamond Infused pre-rolls will make you see the clouds. Perfect for a nice relaxing , sweet tasting experience that will make you forget all the worries of the stressful day.

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