Taking you on a celestial journey of dimensional flavours, we selected two of our finest live rosins with different terpene profiles and united them into a single jar, doubling the experience and offering diversity to those who seek to discover new things.

Our Live Duo will continue to rotate new strains.

Current strains rotating in the Live Duo:

Sour Green Mango – A cross of Green Crack and Sour Diesel, this cultivar combines two classics to make an amazing new creation. It is a refreshingly fruity live rosin with funky tropical notes.

Super Kush – A Garden of Earthly Delights! A combination of our sun grown Kush rosins creating a mosaic of earthy flavours, chocolate, coffee and gas ready to fuel your day.

4sum – The whole is greater than the sum of its parts! A mix of Tundra, Lillooet Gold, God?s Green Crack, and Northern Lights creates a masterpiece with extra depth of flavour and body. Why not experience a delightful new frontier and try a 4sum!

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