Why Us?

Apothecary Botanicals is a licensed producer of medicinal & recreational cannabis located just 40 minutes from beautiful downtown Vancouver. Apothecary Botanicals and its team have deep roots in British Columbia, and we’re proud to contribute to the reputation our province has earned for producing outstanding cannabis. We grow unique strains in small craft style batches where quality is paramount, and every batch we produce is independently tested for harmful levels of mold, bacteria, heavy metals, pesticides, and foreign materials, as mandated by Health Canada.

We believe we can help people feel better, look better and live better lives!

At our essence, we are driven by scientific principles, yet we remain acutely aware of the evolving world around us. Recognizing the imperative for future products to be natural and therapeutic, we firmly believe in the potential of cannabis and cannabinoids to provide relief for various conditions, forming the cornerstone of a wholesome daily routine.
Our overarching goal is to assert our dominance in the markets we engage with, delivering products grounded in robust scientific foundations. This commitment fuels our substantial investment in innovation. As a company rooted in British Columbia, we aspire to lead the way in cutting-edge research, spanning both medical applications and product development.
The world looks to us not only for exceptional brands but also for insights into pioneering applications of cannabis that enhance our well-being.